Come Into My Heart

Many of us believe in Jesus. All we have to do is live his example in our own life. However, we must understand that a feeble attempt at trying to be like Jesus is not near enough to gain entrance into God’s Kingdom of Heaven.


“Take the log out of thy eye,” and grasp the fact that we ourselves desperately fall extremely short of what is required to enter into Heaven.

Isaiah 53:6, says, “All have sinned and gone astray.” We ignorantly view ourselves as good enough, and trying our best. But in truth, on our own, we will never be worthy.

We are not clean enough to enter into Heaven. There is nothing that we can do, on our own, to remove the pain, the shame, and the guilt, that sticks to us as sin. Living a “good life,” will not erase these short comings.

The Good News? A belief in Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross CAN wash away our sin and raise us to a required level of cleanliness for entrance into Heaven. Jesus did this for us!

We understand that Jesus is our Gateway to Heaven. This does not mean that we should only live as Jesus lived, but most importantly, understand who Jesus is and what He has done. Then we must earnestly accept Jesus as our Savior. In Mark 8:29, Jesus say’s, “Who do YOU say I am.”

Becoming worthy of entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven is simple; remove the log and gain understanding of what God’s Grace truly is.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I’m found
I was blind, but now, I see!

Affirm it every day, because our sin does not stop while we are still on earth.

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Jesus, I am a sinner. My faith is in your sacrifice on the cross. I humbly accept your offer of salvation. Jesus, come into my Heart.

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